Routable Maps for Garmin Devices

These pages are providing experimental routable maps for Garmin devices.
The sources for the maps have been taken from Openstreetmap (OSM),
and underlying the ,Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license
The maps are generated with mkgmap
and the used TYP-File is a selfcreation, which is based on Computerteddys typ file.
For each map package a MapSource integration is availabe. The necessary registry file is included in each package file.
Please customize this for your needs.
Currently we are using Family-IDs from 10400-10433.
You are using these maps on your own risk. Please do a backup of your registry before changing or importing the provided registry keys.
These maps are still under construction and may contain bugs and wrong map information. You are using these files on your own risk.
We are planning to update the maps monthly.
For contact, feedback, bug and anything else please send a mail to: dom "the alt-gr q character" team-oid dot de

Known bugs:

- still codepage problems in europe map. Single country maps are ok.


The german map is currently missing, due to webspace problems. I will upload the in a few days again. You can subscribe to our mailinglist to get mail when new updates are available. A email adress is mandatory. The country were you are from is voluntary information.

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I removed this blog style page, because I don't like it. It think it's more useful to introduce a further way for communication between the users. Currently we have a newsletter where people can subscribe to get information about new updates. Now I setup a mailing list, where all subscribers can send mails to, if they have questions or feedback. This mail will be sent to all other subscribes and everybody can take part to this discussions. If you what to subscribe then look here:
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Maps updated: Data fechted on: 15.01.11, Europe mapset from: 15.01.11

Download OSM maps here